Dump MS-Office, Save Cash – A Look at Microsoft Office Alternatives

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Good news is you can save lots of money. Can your organization cut costs and maintain productivity with a Microsoft Office alternative? This article offers a road map to making the switch to a free alternative 🙂

From the article:
Although you’re likely to meet resistance from multiple corners when evaluating whether to leave Microsoft Office, if you do decide that the significant financial benefits of switching outweigh the reasons for sticking with Office, there are guideposts to follow to make the migration manageable

This article covers following topics:
=> Introduction
=> Emotional Attachment
=> Should We See Other People?
=> Risk Vs. Reward
=> Making The Move

My personal experience is that OO compatibility is quite good with MS-Office. At my work place we get client requirements using MS Word attachment files. 99% time I’m able to open all files using OO. I’m also aware of few schools where kids use Firefox and OpenOffice for learning purpose under Windows XP. I think organizations can now safely move to OO 😀

A Look at Microsoft Office Alternatives

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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