Microsoft started to sell Novell support program

According to last month’s deal between Novell and Microsoft which promises to bridge the divide between open-source and proprietary-source software started to hit companies. Microsoft sold few companies Novells support program.


Microsoft promised not to file patent lawsuits against Novell customers.

According to this article:
Two banks and an insurance company have accepted Microsoft’s offer of technical support for Novell Inc.’s Suse Enterprise Linux. One of the three, Credit Suisse Group, does not yet use Suse Linux, spokeswomen for the two software vendors said.

Also a number of enterprise customers have already signed up for 16,000 of the 70,000 annual SUSE Linux enterprise subscription certificates Microsoft is offering under its recent, controversial deal with Novell.

Now these companies customer will get a patent coverage till 2012.

More information avilable at eWeek’s web site: Microsoft Hands Out 16,000 SUSE Linux Subscriptions

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