Midori OS: Microsoft Sees End of Windows Era

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Midori operating system is the code name for a microkernel-based operating system written as managed code, being developed at Microsoft, mooted as a possible successor to Microsoft Windows by many.


Midori will use the Internet to operate and data will be stored on central Microsoft server. It will remove the role of a single PC. From the BBC article:

Microsoft has kicked off a research project to create software that will take over when it retires Windows. Called Midori, the cut-down operating system is radically different to Microsoft’s older programs. It is centred on the internet and does away with the dependencies that tie Windows to a single PC. It is seen as Microsoft’s answer to rivals’ use of “virtualisation” as a way to solve many of the problems of modern-day computing.

I don’t know about Windows user, but Linux will be there as a desktop operating system along with other alternatives. I’m not going to store my data on 3rd company corporate network, I don’t trust 3rd party for my data, period. Imagine security related problems. That’s why, I don’t use any of the Web 2.0 stuff including Google docs, flickr and so on.


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. hmm… im not sure about the web 2.0 (im using it and im a big fan), but i dont like the idea to store all my data on MS servers … (or any 3rd party as you said)

    if at any time ppl get used to this MS OS, i cannot imagine the catastrophy when someone hack the servers (which will be target to almost all of the hackers around)
    and after all it will not be the first time when MS leaks some sources…. im starting to imagine the Matrix…
    to me this idea of MS sounds impossible… i can talk alot about this “great” idea… but its not the place neither the time…

  2. Oh, c’mon these are just details of the software that could take over after Windows has been retired. May be you will see first beta in 2020.

    Also, not all web 2.0 stuff is bad, flickr is good, you don’t have to worry about installing php gallery software and other hosting stuff.

    Personally, I’m enjoying Ubuntu which is dual booted with XP.

  3. flickr is good indeed … im using it too 😉
    even on my site you can see my photos and they are comming from flickr servers (throught the flickr api)
    i like web 2.0…

    and about the windows, i had a vista buisness on my laptop, but only for a few days … that much, so i can realize what a big misunderstanding is that vista…. the laptop is not so new by now … but still good machine … 2GB ram with 2.2 Core2Duo with 4mb l2 cache… and still lagging ?!? WTF ?!?

    sorry for second posting, but i just cannot help it…

  4. besides going back to the old days of dumb terminals, the main concern is to whom we are trusting our data with.

    if it happens to be google i can say yes………

    coz atleast they have shown courage to stand in front of law if the law wishes to infringe into the privacy of user,

    but will MS be able to do it.

    I Highly suspect it.

    also i am no starting a war between google or MS but the thing is data should be personal and if not stored my us then a proper protection scheme for it must be maintained.

    Oh what an irony the anti spam word for a MS related post happens to be “DEBIAN” for me……… 🙂

  5. wew…store all my data on 3rd party? MS Servers? i dont think so… NO THANX!! dont they ( Microshit ) think if their server gotten root? :p

  6. Midori is the name of a linux OS. Ironic that MS uses the same name – even if it’s just a code name.

  7. I don’t like the idea of putting personal file into the cloud, but there is a way to make it safer: Supply users of the cloud with open source encryption tools or merely suggest to users that such a thing exists, so that they can encrypt their files before sending it into the cloud.
    Many archive tools can be encrypted such as *.zip. For single file encryption there is AES Crypt (http://www.aescrypt.com/) and for partion/disk wide encryption we have TrueCrypt (http://www.truecrypt.org/).

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