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Most Emailed Linux FAQ in 2007

The following information indicates the FAQ people are reading and e-mailing to their friends from our FAQ section. Data is collected via a plugin (Email plugin) placed on every page. Please note that no personally identifiable information is stored by the system or disclosed here.

=> I forgot my root password, how can I get into my system?

=> How to install or upgrade an RPM package AND How to install or update .deb package.

=> Install and turn on Telnet server

=> How to create ext3 file system? How do I format new hard disk?

=> How do I burn CD / DVDs under Linux?

=> How do I configure Linux to open maximum number of files?

=> How do I change the speed, duplex for my Ethernet card?

=> How do I configure cron tasks?

=> MySQL change root password

=> How to find out my DNS Server Address

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  • Sanjay December 27, 2007, 7:40 am

    One more:
    How to play video/MP3 files in Linux.

  • omer June 23, 2009, 11:58 pm

    its scary to see that telnet server is in top 3!!

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