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Great, Firefox now has a live chat support. You will get support in real time right in your browser. If Foxkeh says we’re open, click on him to begin a one on one chat with one of Mozilla’s volunteers. All helpers are volunteers, not Mozilla employees. Support currently only provided in English.

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. firefox being downloaded will not start and disable all other programs. After
    deleting everything is restored. Did that many times. Windows XP. How to make
    firefox to work with explorer and other programs?

  2. i try to load my fire fox and when i try to load a site it says it cant find server and on explorer is says cant load page but my laptop shows its connected wireless can someone please help, thanks god bless

  3. I been having problems with my computer being extremely SLOW ever since I
    joined MOZILLA FIREFOX. Right now I,m so fed up, I want Firefox taken off my
    computer IMMEDIATELY.

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