MySql backup script

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This mysql database shell (bash download link at the end of script) script can be used:


1) To backup databases file /backup dir and later pick up by your script

2) You can skip few databases from backup!

Download script from above url.

Open file backup.bash.txt and customize it:
MyUSER=”YOUR-MYSQL-USER” # mysql username
MyHOST=”localhost” # mysql Hostname

Optional setup the name of database which you do not wish to backup:
IGGY="test db2 db3"

Rename backup.bash.txt file to mysqlbackup.bash and execute it as follows
$ ./mysqlbackup.bash

You may need to setup a cron job to take backup everyday.


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. Great mysql backup script, a big thanks for it…

    I was thinking about it to write it myself but this is (almost) what i wanted.

  2. First download file at shell prompt (login as root user)


    2) Edit file in vi editor
    vi mysql-backup.bash

    Setup three variable as follows:


    3) Save script and exit shell prompt

    4) Setup execute permission
    chmod +x mysql-backup.bash

    5) Execute script

    6)In few mintues backup will be dumped in
    /backup/mysql directory

    If you have more questions feel free to reply back

  3. When running this script in cron, I get:

    Line 56: -u: command not found

    Line 56 is:
    DBS=”$($MYSQL -u $MyUSER -h $MyHOST -p$MyPASS -Bse ‘show databases’)”

    It works fine, when I run it by hand.


  4. Problem solved…

    When running the script in cron, you must replace the ‘which’ commands with the actual paths to chown, chmod, mysql etc…

    Tip to FreeBSD users:
    Replace this line…
    $CHOWN 0.0 -R $DESTT
    $CHOWN -R root $DEST

    This script is simple and easy to use. It works like a charm. Thanks 🙂

  5. when run in prompt works fine (./mysql-backup.bash)

    But why it does not work in crontab ?
    in /var/log/cron , the only message we have is “(root) CMD (mysql_backup.bash)

  6. Jack,

    Setup correct PATH variable for cronjob and it should work. Or modify script and specify bin path as per your UNIX/BSD/Linux distro i.e.

  7. nixcraf ,
    I tried exactly as you wrote and it did not work.
    When I tried this (I have FreeBSD 6.x , mysql 4.x):

    Anyway, Thanks ,
    It works fine in crontab now .

  8. Hi,

    I really do appreciate the work but, please if you can help me to work on WinXP or from where I can find the backup script for windows operating system. Thanks in advance.

  9. Hello guys.

    I am looking up how to backup a table into a specified folder/file (my own path) of my remote server.
    The purpose is I want to change the db and tables CHARSET to UTF-8 automatically (this would be done by the installer script of the app I distribute).
    At this point, I came into this problem:
    mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM config INTO OUTFILE ‘./test.txt’ FIELDS TERMINATED BY ‘,’;”, $conn);
    I put the test.txt file into the php script directory, I CHMODed it to 777, but no luck. What am I missing?

    Is there a way to actually dump the database or each table into a specified folder (backup) of a script running on my server? (eg. public_html/script/db_backup/test.txt)?

  10. Hi Dear ,
    I am glad to find this script .
    Its working fine.
    But I have ome another problem regarding backup.
    I am dexcribing the problem below
    “I have to take backup of mysql table from remote machine and insert it into mylocal machine .”
    I have created one such script. Thats working as well.But there is still some problem regarding peformance of the script.

    If some-one reexecute the xcript it reinsert the data .
    which should not be done .
    I am pasting the code as well .
    Kindly suggest me the bugs and inhancement if there are any..


    $PING -c1 $host>/dev/null
    if [ “$?” != “0” ] ; then
    echo “source host unreachable”
    echo “going to take backup ”
    mysql -u ravi -h –password=shankar test -e ‘select * from usermst’ > /home/ravi/reg.txt
    if [ “$?” != “0” ] ; then
    echo “some error while taking backup so removing temprory file”
    rm /home/ravi/reg.txt
    echo “preparing to insert data”

    mysql -u root test -e ‘load data local infile “/home/ravi/reg.txt” into table usermst’
    if [ “$?” != “0” ] ; then
    echo “could not insert data so removing temporary file”
    rm /home/ravi/reg.txt
    echo “data has been inserted”
    rm /home/ravi/reg.txt
    echo temporary text file has been removed

    Ravi Shankar

  11. I don’t want to write the password in the script, is there a way like with postgresql (pg_pass file), but with MySQL ?

  12. Thanks for the script, if you run this script more than once a day, i believe it overwrites itself. I changed line 75 to this so you can run it more than once a day:

    NOW=”$(date +”%d-%m-%Y-%I-%M”)”

  13. @Mark:

    better use
    NOW=”$(date +”%d-%m-%Y-%H-%M”)”

    because if you make backups on each hour you have 2009-07-27-10-00 twice a day 😉

  14. Hello
    I must repeat Karo’s question:
    What is the

    # Store list of databases
    leave bank or can insert an option

    Also i include some dbs in iggy field

    IGGY=”test db2 db3″

    but script backups all databases of the server (even test and information_schema)

    How to fix it ?

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