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MySQL is a multithreaded, multi-user, SQL (structured query Language) Database Management System (DBMS). It is belived that it has an estimated six million installations. MySQL AB makes MySQL available as free software under the GNU General Public License (GPL), but they also dual-license it under traditional commercial licensing arrangements for cases where the intended use is incompatible with use of the GPL. Here are the best books available on MySQL:


MySQL beginner Books:

Sams Teach Yourself MySQL in 21 Days, Second Edition
Every novice MySQL user should have this book. This book is aimed at the developer who has at least some knowledge of relational databases and SQL. Book starts with introduction to MySQL then followed by its installation.

Includes all basic commands and SQL queries you needed to write your first application in PHP. Each chapter gives you a quick start in the MySQL starting at a basic level and progressing to a stage where you have a very useful knowledge. Once you got basic knowledge, you can read books that are more advanced or even just refer official MySQL manual.

MySQL Tutorial
By Luke Welling, Laura Thomson
A concise introduction to the fundamentals of working with MySQL. MySQL Tutorial is a clear, concise introduction to the fundamental concepts and techniques of working with MySQL. It teaches the beginning MySQL user how to create and administer powerful databases that can be used at home, at work, and on the Web.

This book is an official book from MySQL press. This book will get you started quickly for your web development projects or managing MySQL for web servers. The book is worth of every single penny. As a Linux administrator, I was not familiar with SQL concepts but this book will not let you down. I think full credit goes to authors of the book for putting information in such easy way so that everyone can understand it.

However, I strongly feel any UNIX/Linux admin should have this book. It covers MySQL installation, security, important configuration issues, and related administrative tasks. You will find this information very neat and useful if you are going to use MySQL as a backend system for Snort intrusion detection tool or other such similar tools.

MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual
This is the MySQL Reference Manual. It documents current (latest) version of MySQL. It also provides a quic tutorial introduction to MySQL. You can view or download it online.

Next time I will cover few more books, especially related to PHP and MySQL.


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