MySQL Database Runs 60 to 90 Percent Faster on Solaris 10 Than on Red Hat Linux

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New Benchmark Results Demonstrate Solaris 10 Advantage on OLTP Benchmark.

According to Yahoo news, “…Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced new benchmark results involving the performance of the open source MySQL database running online transaction processing (OLTP) workload on 8-way Sun Fire(TM) V40z servers. The testing, which measured the performance of both read/write and read-only operations, showed that MySQL 5.0.18 running on the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) executed the same functions up to 64 percent faster in read/write mode and up to 91 percent faster in read-only mode than when it ran on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Advanced Server Edition OS…”

It is interesting stuff but I guess study is done by Sun itself (may be biased just like m$ ????). I really don’t care about MySQL (it is a good for shared hosting and small business apps). But when it comes to an enterprise grade database Oracle is a good choice, IMPO. I would like to see Oracle benchmark results for both Red Hat and Sun Solairs, which make lots of sense to me 🙂


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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