New Study say Linux and Windows Costs Equal

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The study (PDF) file is here.


Marking what could have been a summer-long hiatus in its “Get the Facts” campaign,
Microsoft is re-igniting the flames on the argument over whether enterprises spend less to manage Windows systems than Linux systems.

This morning, the company touted a study it commissioned from independent analyst Mercer Management Consulting, which made the case that companies that implement migration programs away from UNIX systems based on the need to adopt new applications — what Mercer calls “transformational migrations” — now tend to choose Windows over Linux. Read more at Betanews.

Few facts about Linux (my personal observation)

=> Linux admins are paid higher as compare Windows admin

=> You do not have to pay for software license but a small fee for updates and support. You can save update fees using community driven distro such as Debian.
We run commercial paid email service totally based upon Postfix and other open source software. We have more than 100000 paid subscribers. Now just imagine cost – Exchange and Windows 2003 server. Bottom line Linux still beats Microsoft when it comes to cost.

=> However, here is what one of our senior manager said to me – If Linux offers better solution, cost does not matter at all. In fact, we have over 200+ of server subscribed to RHN. Therefore, Microsoft please stop all your BS.


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