Linux Success Story: New York Stock Exchange Moves to Linux

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Linux Success Story: New York Stock Exchange Moves to Linux

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), is the largest stock exchange in the world. NYSE wants to move away from proprietary platforms, so they selected HP hardware with Linux.


NYSE is investing heavily in x86-based Linux systems and blade servers as it builds out the NYSE Hybrid Market trading system that it launched last year. Flexibility and lower cost are among the goals. But one of the things that NYSE Euronext CIO Steve Rubinow says he most wants from the new computing architecture is technology independence. The NYSE has installed about 200 of HP’s ProLiant DL585 four-processor servers and 400 of its ProLiant BL685c blades, all running Linux and based on dual-core Opteron processors from Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

=> New York Stock Exchange Moves to Linux (Image credit: Wikipedia)


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  1. It was meant to happen someday with NYSE old stock exchange platforms administrator had to struggle with every machine because of large l number of bugs. Linux build customer trust over the years with their free operating system and now its time for them to move further into more professional fields of work.

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    Thanks and keep on blogging!

  3. Dmitri doesn’t seem to understand the concept of giving things without an ulterior motive.
    Linux is Free not in a sense of being available without cost, but in the sense that you have as much control over your personal copy as the original authors have.
    You are free to use and modify Linux for any purpose with the condition that in the event of you giving or selling a modified copy to someone else, they receive those same rights from you with regard to the said copy.

    Also, Linux never had a free operating system. Linux IS the name of the operating system core.
    It’s a community project immortalized by its complete freedom, not some transient company and their exploits, which is the reason why it’s infinitely trustworthier.

  4. Could someone please school me on how linux could be useful for producing my music?
    Please email me. Thanx

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