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nixCraft FAQ Roundup ~ July, 11, 2007

Recently updated/posted Linux and UNIX FAQ (mostly useful to Linux/UNIX new administrators or users) :


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  • TinkerTim July 12, 2007, 11:54 pm

    Have you seen this:

    May give you some good ideas.

    IF you have the resources, you could even set up a server yourself with *real* accounts.

    If not, then the above.

    Get online onto #linux-india at freenode and tell them this. Maybe they could do something…..

    Finally, the “sarovar.org” folks would be happy to see something like this.

    There are a hundred AJAX/web-app frameworks out there which could completely hide the tedious coding in LAMP. See “cornelios” for example. rialto.,mochikit, dojo, tibco(!), GWT, ZK(Java)@sf.net , many many more.


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