nixCraft FAQ roundup – Dec / 26 / 2006

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Recently updated/posted Linux and UNIX FAQ:


=> Linux format external USB hard disk Partition

=> Ubuntu Linux install or add php gd support to Apache

=> Connect to SQL Server from command prompt – list tables and database

=> Ubuntu Linux play encrypted DVDs

=> Red Hat Enterprise Linux how do I add a new hard disk for backup?

=> Make an exact duplicate of a NTFS filesystem partition under Linux

=> Postfix limit incoming or receiving email rate

=> How to test or check reverse DNS

=> Move or migrate user accounts from old Linux server to a new Linux server

=> Create a mysql database, tables and insert data

=> Linux, UNIX set the time zone on a per user basis

=> PHP Linux installation or php upgrade howto

=> Change vsftpd ftp server port 21

=> Linux Null route an attackers ip

=> grub.conf for Windows vista or xp dual boot

=> Sun Solaris mount ISO CD image with lofiadm



Posted by: Vivek Gite

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