Nokia E90 Review (Good for sys admins)

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I’m still stuck with Blackberry and Nokia 6130, good folks at Osnews has posted a nice review of Nokia E90 business phone:

The E90 is a Communicator-class device and very popular among businessmen, but also among system administrators too (one of our friends, sysadmin at Google, is using Nokia’s qwerty/wifi devices specifically for SSH access). Read on for our review of the impressive E90.

Also checkout Nokia E90 and N95 side by side feature chat. I don’t have any plan to get new phone but I might try out Nokia 800 Internet Tablet PC soon :D.

BTW, do have an iPhone? If you have let me know your experience…

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. I got the N800. Works well for ssh (free) and vnc (also free). The N810 with querty would be better, and I have my eye on it. That said, I upgraded my N800 from an N770 — I bought the 770 on a whim, thinking I’d use it frequently. I surprised myself by using it every day. With the 770, I read RSS feeds at night, used some VNC throughout the day, did a bit of browsing. With the 800, I added SSH usage and a SIP client to connect to my asterisk pbx.

    As for the iPhone — an AT&T store employee gave it to me as a loaner for a week. It SUCKS. Aside from the crippled/incomplete firmware (no video, no obex, no voice etc), the utter lack of a keyboard is a liability. The phone can NOT be used without looking at it. Any phone I’ve used thus far (and there are a LOT) has had either a keypad with an indexed “5” or voice-control. Aside from that, the voice quality is less than stellar, and the RF performance was noticeably worse than my Nokia E61i.

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