Novell offering some great prizes for helping out Linux and OSS

Posted on in Categories Linux desktop, Suse Linux last updated August 24, 2006
Novell Desktop

Have you helped push Linux and open source forward? Put yourself on the map, and win hot prizes.

From the Novell get ready site, “The coolest thing about open source is the people. If you’ve helped develop, test, promote, or evangelize Linux and open source, we’d love to hear from you. So stand up and let us see where you are. Take a few minutes to put yourself on the map and you could win one of these great prizes”

You don’t have to purchase anything and it is open internationally to everyone. All you need to do is give your PIN/ZIP code or Country/City name to put on a map.


  • 3 – HP laptops
  • 6 – EVOLT cameras
  • 20 – Apple 2 GB iPod Nanos

So what you are waiting for, go and enter in contest today :)

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