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I’m looking for good open source software and hardware inventory management software. A quick search on sourceforge returned following inventory management system / software management apps:

=> OCS Inventory NG, Open Computers and Software Inventory Next Generation is an application designed to help administrator keep track of the computers configuration and installed softwares. Low network traffic HTTP communications between agents and server. I’m currently testing this software and I will update all of you about my results.

Other old (outdated) softwares

=> PcInventory Web-based system to track the Pc and the installed peripherals.

=> phpMyInventory is a web-based hardware, software, and peripheral inventory system using PHP & MySQL. Currently stable on PHP version 4xx only!

=> Windows Inventory. A Computer Hardware and Software Inventory system. Based around wmi, vbscript, mysql & php. Expandable via modules to include software distribution, remote control, event viewer, disk monitoring, etc.

Most of these software are outdated. Basically, I need to keep inventory for following items

  • Open source inventory asset management software
  • Should able to track inventory
  • Auditing feature
  • Inventory of equipment owned and leased (including lease expiry)
  • Software inventory for both Windows and UNIX systems
  • Import / Export function etc

Do you have any recommendations for me? Please add them in the comments.


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  1. Hey – you’re doing my work for me – I need to look sometime soon too – let us know how you make out!

    1. im failing to install that software on ubuntu 15.04. can you help me with the procedure and requirements . thank you

  2. We are working on updating the open-source installer for Paragent. It is a little rough right now getting all the components going. If you have any questions, be sure to join the google groups paragent-discuss. We try to help out as much as possible.

  3. I second that GLPI post! This one amazed me! I’ve just begun using it, and it really fits my needs, comprehensive interface with many options to choose from to make a parfect asset tracking records. Helpdesk ticketing system is included…Open-source rocks!

  4. Did you ever choose between any of these? I’m in the same boat, and currently I’m trying out Open-Audit, Paragent, and Spiceworks.

    Spiceworks most likely won’t make it as it needs to run on a Windows box.

    I’ve Open-Audit installed, but no clients added yet. Need to figure out how.

    Paragent looks nice, but installing might be difficult.

  5. Hi there,

    You might want to have a look at Tideway. Free software, hardware and application inventory and CMDB including automated dependency identification and tracking.

    Download a free version at:

    “Tideway is data center search. It automatically discovers configuration items (CIs) across disparate technology layers – from business applications to switches and all the dependencies in between – and provides the information in a single, automated view. Tideway maps business applications to their underlying physical and virtual infrastructure, making it quick and easy to see exactly how your infrastructure supports your business.”

    Would be great to get you involved in the community and have some feedback.



  6. hi together,

    everything looks very nice. my opinion is ocs. does anybody know, how to inventory devices in depth, without installing a inventory client?

  7. All of these options are overkill for what I want, which is a glorified database front-end. I don’t need clients and auto-sensing. I just want to keep track of computers, and software licenses associated to said computers, on a clean web-based user interface.

    Seem like everything are full help desk solutions…

  8. I’m in the same boat as Sprawl, in that I just want the basic features outlined in the original post, with no network/agent discovery. Something that can report on lease or software expiries would be great. GLPI looks good; I wouldn’t bother with OCS integration if I can avoid it.

  9. GLPI is the best 🙂 best customization, lots of plugins, best for an administrator with lots of PCs and still it is totally free.. very neat interface.. It rocks..!!!

  10. To just collect hardware and software data, have a look at System Configuration Collector ( Each line of collected data is classified and this enables SCC to compare two consecutive snapshots and record differences in a logbook. Data can be send to the server part of SCC where summaries are generated and snapshots of systems can be compared.
    SCC aims at a minimal footprint and requires a posix shell. Transfer to the server is possible via scp, ftp and email.

  11. Have you guys checked Its a simple Hardware and software inventory management tool with some great reporting functionality right now only for windows networks.

  12. I’m looking for one that allows for checking in and out hardware. Anyone know of anything that does that? It also has to be customizable. We have our own network products with lots of ports that need to be ‘checked out’ to individual users.



  13. Spiceworks was cumbersome for me and it has issues with my antivirus software. I also noticed a severe performance impact when I used it. Also, I keep getting emails from Spiceworks even though I have unsubscribed and uninstalled the software. My personal experience would be to stay away from Spiceworks until they have a better product.

  14. Hi, I need a IT Asset Management Software, but must manage the IT Asset for example: cellphones, phones, desktops, laptops, monitors, headset, etc. All software I found only manage asset that are connected with the network but not all the asset asocied with IT. IT infratrusture managed telephony, mobile phones, computers, data centers etc.
    Exist any software to manage all that CI?

  15. yeah me too .. i need some software of inventory and control of stock (for control in/out) .. but not for computer system. .its for a wharehouse with to meny products .. can help me ?

  16. I personally use the GLPI, this software allows adding various plugins that increase its capacity, plus it’s open source.

    You can combine it with the ocsinventory, so that you install the client on the pc’s ocsinventory and it did raise the inventory, then import the glpi and complete the missing information (serial, date of purchase, etc).

    Besides the glpi allows you to create components that do not list the ocsinventory, has a help desk module and you can segment your assets into different entities (these may represent entiades companies departametos, etc). among other interesting features.

    In addition you have several languages ​​to choose from and perhaps more importantly provides constant updates

    OCS Inventory NG

    Glpi Web

    Plugin for importing data ocsinventory

    I hope they serve

  17. My problem with GLPI is that you cannot track items within items. Such as if you want to track cards, memory or hard drives individually (serials and corp tracking). Yes you can generically say it has X memory or X drives but you cannot specifically pin serials to those items. Unfortunately that is a deal breaker for me.

    Still seeking something…

  18. I am looking for Open source software that I can use to track items coming into and going out of our warehouse, example when we receive a new computer we need to be able to capture model number, serial number of the computer and then assign it to a location with in our company, then when we get this computer back for hardware or software issues and it has been repaired and deployed to a new location we need to be able to pull a report as to its total journey through our company from New coming in the door to scrap being destroyed. We will also need to have the software do Warehouse management such as real time on hand quantities and be able to pull monthly reports as to what was shipped and to where every month, also what item totals we have on hand. This software will need to have a web front end to be able to view, add, remove items from inventory via a web browser. If any one knows of a software that I can look into I would appreciate the heads up. Thanks


  19. Anyone tried to compare some of these apps mentioned in this thread? I looked at glpi and it seems to be easy to install and use.

  20. I would actually recommend Opsi,, it is open source, it is also a very versatile tool, and works amazinglly fast. It has so many tools and integrates everything! we have it in our company and we couldn’t be more satisfied with it! I really recommend it, not just for inventarization but also for other tasks, you guys should check it. It is also in

  21. OCS inventory NG is a good software for inventory management, it’s open source and works as client-server model, you can install the server and this supports variants of agent OS like, windows, Linux, Max, Andriod, etc. A large number of devices an be added here and you may get info related to network, RAM, Disk, OS license, etc. besides it has deployment features to remote machines and few other added features which I am planning to explore.

  22. Among all opensource products, I prefer web-based Spiceworks.
    Among commercial non web-based, I guess it’s Total Network Inventory.

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