How To Setup OpenSolaris Open Storage Server

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This is a great way to build UNIX based NAS server with all goodness of ZFS.


Sun recently announced the addition of powerful developer tools and expanded professional service capabilities to help developers better leverage the growing open source communities that are fast changing the economics of the storage IT landscape. Over 3,000 members and 30+ projects within an active and growing OpenSolaris storage community demonstrate a groundswell within the storage industry for developers and enterprise companies to use open source alternatives to expensive proprietary storage offerings.

Sun further claimed that average developer will be able to set up an OpenSolaris server is about 10 minutes. You can build a OpenSolaris operating system storage server in 10 minutes or less. This how-to recipe is intended to familiarize developers with the simple commands in Solaris for performing data management tasks, i.e. ZFS, NFS, CIFS, COMSTAR etc.

Setting Up an OpenSolaris Storage Server in 10 Minutes or Less

Setting Up an OpenSolaris NAS Box: Father-Son Bonding

Now, the million dollar question – will free software able to sell Sun hardware?


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  1. It is too bad ZFS does not have online RAID 5 expansion otherwise I’d be all over this. Their solution to expanding a RAID 5 ZFS pool is to make another RAID 5 array and add it to the pool, not very cost effective. I had read that they had real RAID 5 expansion in the works and I hope the implement it soon.

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