OpenSUSE 10.2 New KDE killer Start Menu

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This is a new KDE Start menu and it totally rocks.

OpenSUSE 10.2 will have a redesigned KDE start menu created by the KDE and usability team at SUSE, after doing usability testing with other start menus. Now they have a working prototype, code-named ‘Kickoff’ (started during world soccer championship, obviously), which is currently being tested with real users in the SUSE usability lab.

You can see new menu here or see sneak preview mpg file. (via OsNews)

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. I think next release will include this new start menu. But if you can’t wait just go and grab copy of OpenSuse 10.2 😀

  2. Yeah, I wonder if it’ll fit my girlfriend’s Ubuntu (I’m not fan of graphics…) Sergio, if you figure out something, give us a shout.

  3. opensuse 10.2 beta 1 just came out and saw this kickoff this menu they’re “boasting” about (no pun intended). yeah this new mneu looks promising. since i’ve been on Linux for the last 6 years this is the one thing that both leading desktop environments (KDE, Gnome) lack.

    i wonder if one could run this on any other suse, or KDE for that matter?

  4. zero1 ,

    I think it will be available to all other distro as well (after all it is an open source project). But let us see what happens because each distro has its own way to deal with everything including KDE.

    Appreciate your post.

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