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Opensuse Linux version 11.0 has been released and available for download from mirrors (jump to download location). Some of the new features and cool innovations in openSUSE 11.0 include updated desktops with new features, including the revolutionary new KDE 4; a new installer which makes the installation quicker and nicer; Live CDs so you can try openSUSE before committing; innovative new desktop effects, quicker and slicker software management, and many new applications to improve your daily life.


OpenSuse Includes following software:
=> Linux
=> Xen 3.2.1 RC1
=> gcc 4.3
=> glibc 2.8
=> 7.3
=> Perl 5.10
=> 2.4
=> Gnome 2.22
=> KDE 4
=> KDE 3.5.9 available etc

Opensuse linux
(Fig.01: Opensuse Linux Desktop Picture [Photo courtesy of])

Opensuse 11 Download – CD / ISO / DVD Images Format

You can grab software from the following locations:


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  1. I will consider them only if they dump Microsoft as a partner. I’m Ubuntu laptop and CentOS server user.

  2. i just do not understand this thing,

    does it really need 11 CDs to install ?

    i have used ubuntu 8 and 9 with single ISO of 700 mb but this thing needs 11 cds i do not get it at all

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