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Oracle Database available for Debian/Ubuntu and other Linux distributions

Oracle announces its new product called Oracle Database 10g Express for various Linux distributions and MS-Windows operating system.

Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Oracle Database XE) is an entry-level, small footprint database based on the Oracle Database 10g Release 2 code base that’s free to develop, deploy, and distribute; fast to download; and simple to administer.

This is perfect database if you are:

  • Educational institutions and students who need a free database for their curriculum
  • Developers working on PHP, Java, .NET, and Open Source applications
  • DBAs who need a free, starter database for training and deployment
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and hardware vendors who want a starter database to distribute free of charge

Supported Linux distributions:

  • Debian
  • Mandriva
  • Novell
  • Red Hat
  • Ubuntu

Download Oracle Database 10g Express Edition here. Make sure you visit official Oracle 10g Express product home page.

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