Free Oracle Unbreakable Linux CD / DVD Media Kit Giveaways

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Oracle Linux now joined Fedora, Ubuntu, and Solaris for giving out free CDs. You can now request your FREE Oracle Unbreakable Linux 2-disc (DVD) Kit from official oracle site.

=> Visit oracle site to grab free CD kit [ direct link ].

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  1. And why would anyone want this RHEL clone when CentOS accomplishes the same and is a community driven effort as opposed to a knee-jerk, angry-at-redhat-for-getting-JBOSS move by ellison? I think his quote after RHAT bought JBOSS was “if they step on our toes we’ll stomp on theirs.”

    Too bad nobody wants Oracle Linux. Although I suppose the sales droids are commanded to try and package it in wherever possible.

  2. With Oracle moving into the linux arena, we have to ask “What is their intention?”. I for one see it as a better integration of Oracle with the operating system. But actually, newer technology will make that binding rather moot. Oracle should concentrate on it’s core business and leave the linux arena to the linux gurus. If it is RedHat as the Guru, then so be it.

    I do not want to say about Oracle “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

  3. Please give me linux free CD/DVD
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  4. I need these softwares to do a programe for a competition which is going to be held in the first weeks of next month in school

  5. Respected Sir , I am arts student for my project works i want a free latest Ubuntu os CD or DVD. So would you please send me disc for my address.

    453/39-kavitha nager

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