O'Reilly announces 30% off a single book or 35% off two or more books

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I just received an email from O’Reilly, which read as follows:


Get 30% off a single book or 35% off two or more books from O’Reilly, No Starch, Paraglyph, PC Publishing, Pragmatic Bookshelf, SitePoint, or Syngress books you purchase directly from O’Reilly. Other benefits you receive when you buy directly from O’Reilly include:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it to us and get your money back. A return shipping label is included with every direct purchase, and directions are posted online in case you’ve misplaced it.

Safari Enabled
Whenever possible, our books are “Safari Enabled.” This means you can access your book for free online for 45 days through the O’Reilly Safari Bookshelf. How do you know if your book is Safari Enabled? Turn your book over and look for the “Safari Enabled” logo on the bottom right of the page. If it’s there, flip through the last couple pages of your book until you find directions for accessing your book online.

Have a question about your book? O’Reilly is the only publisher that offers tech support for books. Send an email to and we’ll help you out. Be specific:

  1. Include the book title and page number.
  2. It’s also a good idea to include the ISBN so we know what edition you have.

Just use code DSUG when ordering online or by phone 800-998-9938. Free ground shipping on orders $29.95 or more in the US.


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