Toshiba laptop phoenix BIOS locks down end user to Windows Vista

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From the digg story:

This BIOS is ONLY for use with Windows Vista. Please do not install this BIOS for use with Windows XP, or other Windows versions. and who cares about something known as Linux!

Read the complete story here.

Boy I hate this kind of problem. Why on the earth they are locking down end users? Why make Windows Vista only bios? Please avoid both Toshiba and phoenix.

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. Hey I have Toshiba Satellite I using MANDRAKE (free version) no problems accept the suspend issues and hiberation stuff but this was only a M$ Vista Machine now its fully TUX Powered as for the wifi was found after first boot and lan works great some issues on the fn keys but in all this phoniex bios isnt vista . idont use MS anymore.

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