Google Supporting Photoshop On Linux

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Google is financially supporting Photoshop On Linux. They have hired Codeweavers to run Photoshop better on Linux. From the google blog:


Perhaps the biggest news is that we hired Codeweavers to make Photoshop CS and CS2 work better under Wine. Photoshop is one of those applications that Desktop linux users are constantly clamoring for, and we’re happy to say they work pretty well now. Perhaps not coincidentally, apps like Flash 8 are now starting to work in Wine, too. We look forward to further improvements in this area.

According to Novell, Photoshop is the most requested non-Linux application that Linux users would like to run. Gimp is good but it is without many professional features such as cmyk and others. This is fantastic news for hardcore photoshop users. Good to see google is helping out wine developers 🙂


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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