Poll: The best way to learn Linux

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Our last poll asked readers of this blog the question:


How do you keep remote users out in emergency?

Thanks to everyone, total 789 people responded to the poll. Results are as follows:

  • 47% admin prefer to take down eth0 using ifconfog eth0 down
  • 29% admin prefer to deny access to all using iptables
  • 14% admin prefer to use old good /etc/nologin file using touch /etc/nologin
  • 10% admin prefer to turn off both ftpd & sshd service

Poll result - How do you keep remote users out in emergency?
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New poll: The best way to Learn Linux…

I am interested to see, how all of you started to learn Linux. What is the best way to learn Linux? Did you enrolled in class or just grabbed Linux and start using everyday. Sure search engine, online forums, chat room and Linux documentation projects helps but just imagine somebody want to learn Linux and have no idea where to begin…

Hope this poll will throw out some light 😀


Posted by: Vivek Gite

The author is the creator of nixCraft and a seasoned sysadmin, DevOps engineer, and a trainer for the Linux operating system/Unix shell scripting. Get the latest tutorials on SysAdmin, Linux/Unix and open source topics via RSS/XML feed or weekly email newsletter.

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  1. One really great way to learn Linux is to take a kernel and build a distribution from scratch. Write your own rc scripts, choose what packages you want and build them out, write configuration files for everything. For extra credit, reimplement standard utilities from /bin.

  2. Based on my own experience. grab a copy of the most user friendly linux distribution which is closely similar to its counter part which is windows and explore!

    if you want to go more advance then use google to and have a research.

  3. – use search engine read about how to install
    – install latest Ubuntu or distro you like
    – read newsgroups regularly to learn lots of stuff
    – use search engine to solve problems, configure
    – get library books to supplement online reading
    – take class as last resort

  4. I agree with Mike, I have followed his list of steps with the sole variant of buying instead of lending books. I can only add that virtualization now make experimenting less costly in terms of time and frustration.

  5. My advice is similar to the others.

    I started learning Linux last October. I installed Kubuntu and started using it. I read a lot online and tried various things to learn more. Eventually I got a couple of old P3 boxes and learned to multiboot with Grub and NTLDR, tried most of the major variations and spent time learning some of the command line stuff. Having the old boxes was great because if anything broke I could always start over. I did learn how to fix a lot of things along the way. My next step is to build a distribution with LFS.

    Bottom line is to read a lot and do more.


  6. i started to learn linux one year ago, i have attended a class but i didn,t find it that helpful so i started depending on my self, i started by install linux (Fedora) and play with it and read some Ebooks like: :Linux the complete reference and others, and now i am using virtual machine with Linux installed on my windows PC.
    my next target is to get completely familiar with linux and try to replace Windows to become fully Linux user

    and remember short Pen is better than long memory

  7. Hey the question is so simple ..and so complicated for some of u guys who know linux ..bla bla bla ..Im beginer ..i want to learn linux ..i don;t know codding i don;t know strings and code line ..What is the best way to learn .. Ubuntu ,Fedora, Backtrak, Gentoo… etc ..Now if i goo and read the 1st response ..Allen Garvin say to build my own system ..So Common Man ..Are you so full of you or was a joke ..
    Nobody say anything clear ..and guess what is 2012 ..!

  8. I have on linux or unix training. I need to learn this because of my daily job. I will need to got familiar with linux fast. Any suggestions where i should start?

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