Poll: Which Webserver do you use?

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Our last poll asked readers of this blog the question:


Are you going to try or upgrade to enterprise grade Ubuntu Linux (code-named Dapper Drake)?

Thanks to everyone, total 338 people responded to the poll. Results are as follows:

  • 51% said they are happy with current setup/Linux/BSD distribution
  • 33% said they are willing to upgrade
  • 15% said they are not sure or they are not going to upgrade

It looks like people are following old mantra: If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It. Personally I will stick to *BSD or RHEL only.

New poll: Which Webserver do you use?

Again I am using Apache 1.3x and lighttpd (for rails apps). I am interested to see what fellow sys admins are using and why?


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. I am all set to use LiteSpeed. It is a commercial grade web server for *nix. It has superb performance for PHP applications. We use on all our 3 web servers. You can learn more at http://litespeedtech.com/

    But remember enterprise version is not free (you will get basic version free of change).

  2. I must agree with TwistedUNIX, Apache rules.

    @Trx, Google uses modified version of Apache called Google Web Server (GWS).

  3. Apache rulez because:

    Industry strength server
    Community driven support 🙂
    Open source 😀
    Good books
    Look at Yahoo, Google and other Dot coms. They cannot be wrong 😛

  4. Apache Rocks. My server is not a big; just a mini running at home, presently serving my friend’s site- http://www.djdeep.co.in

    It will soon start serving my site also when I have made the scripts for my new site http://www.itech7.com

    And My server was started around Sep 2007 and I am sticked to Fedora 7 now but will soon upgrade to Fedora 8 (i have DVD).

    Since Apache 2 is bundled with Fedora, I am using it. Also it has gr8 performance.

  5. I use: Apache2 and Apache2.2
    Why?: support for many libraries and mods and clean config – on debian at least 😉
    Why not Apache 1.3?: not enough traffic to my servers to warrant the use of 1.3. It may be lighter, but it also doesn’t have as many features as >2.

    Just my 2 c/p/y/etc…

  6. Currently using Apache for much of the same reasons as Winter. Been using Apache since 1997.

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