Download of the day: speedcrunch – a fast and usable calculator for power users

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Traditionally bc did a good job at a shell prompt. Earlier I wrote about qalculate-kde

speedcrunch is a fast, high precision and powerful desktop calculator. It works under
[a] Linux
[b] Mac OS X
[c] MS-Windows

SpeedCrunch is easier to use

You just type the expression that you want to calculate and hit [Enter] key. You can see clearly what you typed along with the result in the scrollable display. That is faster and more convenient just like bc but in a GUI interface. A good tool for all new Linux user.

Recall expressions

Another good thing is it can recall the expression which you typed before, just press up and down arrow to access the expression history.

Syntax highlighting

It can highlight syntax so that yu can easily distinguish numbers from variables or you can the matched parentheses.

How do I install speedcrunch under Linux?

Simply use apt-get or yum command:
$ sudo apt-get install speedcrunch
$ sudo yum install speedcrunch

To start speedcrunch just type (or run app from menus);
$ speedcrunch &
speedcrunch - a fast and usable calculator for power users
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Download speedcrunch

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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