QD#2: SQL Best Practices,Find the Celebrity in You, Pizza fraudsters, AOL fires CTO, Ethereal name change

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=> Top 8 SQL Best Practices : Sheeri Kritzer puts list of 8 list the top 8 Basic SQL Practice (Interesting stuff)

=> MyHeritage face recognition – Find the Celebrity in You (Funny)

=> Pizza fraudsters take a slice of your credit : A fraudster contacts an AT&T service rep and says he works at a pizza parlor and that the phone is having trouble. Until things get fixed, he requests that all incoming calls be forwarded to another number, which he provides.

Pizza orders are thus routed by AT&T to the fraudster’s line. When a call comes in, the fraudster pretends to take the customer’s order but says payment must be made in advance by credit card.

The unsuspecting customer gives his or her card number and expiration date… (Security / Crackers )

=> News Alerts to your Instant Messenge : Feed Crier is your instant news reader. Subscribe to any RSS feed using your AOL Instant Messenger account. A free version allows you to subscribe up to 3 feeds only. (Good idea for IM crazy people).

=> AOL Fires CTO & Two Employees After Search Records Slip Up : The Wall Street Journal just reported that AOL has fired the Chief Technology Officer, Maureen Govern, and two other employees after releasing search records last week (Predictable move and privacy lessons for search engine users)

=> Writely – Open its door to everyone (Kewl Web 2.0 app)

=> Wireshark – Ethereal has a new name (Old wine in a new bottle..?).

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