Red Hat Linux vs Oracle Linux: Who will win the battle?

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A new level of battle started between database giant Oracle and Red Hat enterprise Linux distribution (Red Hat, Inc).

Yesterday Oracle announced the release of their own version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, simply called Enterprise Linux or ‘Unbreakable Linux’. In a remarkably similar move to such projects as CentOS, Oracle have decided to remove all Red Hat specific trademarks and brand it as their own (all quite legit, of course). Read on for a first-look, and the Linux Format team’s opinions here.


=> First competition is good for us.

=> Second Redhat prices are too high for both training and support. For example, Redhat charge us $9,000 for AS and its cluster software for 24/7 support. With such high pricing sometime it is hard to convince your boss with such high price. No wonder google use modified version of RedHat to save cost 😉

=> However I will be *more happy* as I will get both database and Linux solution from one shop. Last time we had some issues with Linux and Oracle and guess what both of them were pointing to each other for problem. Finally we solved the problem on our own. But with Oracle Linux there will be no more such problem.


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