RedHat and Satyam open an open source development center

Red Hat, India and Satyam (Satyam Computer Services Ltd. is a consulting and information technology (IT) services company based in India) join hands to open an open source development centre in Bengaluru (Bangalore).


“This is a clear indication that companies have now started to see a great demand and value in the open source business model,” says Nandu Pradhan, president, Red Hat India.

The open source lab in Bangalore is for developing horizontal competencies and business solutions on Red Hat and JBoss platforms.

Satyam ADMS (Application Development and Management Systems) group and IMS (Infrastructure Management systems) group have worked together with Red Hat to roll out the COE at Satyam’s Bangalore centre wherein all the technologies on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss solutions are going to be showcased and prototyped for customers for both domestic and global markets.

( Source efytimes )

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