Windows Vista: No HyperTerminal to Configure Cisco Routers Connected Via a Local COM Port

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Recently I was hired to work on a Government project. They are 100% Microsoft shop expect for few Redhat boxes and Cisco gear.


They also have lots of customized VPN and cisco routers supplied by local company. Apart from securing those RHEL boxes, I had to connect routers / vpn devices via a local com port to upgrade BIOS and other configurations. They have Windows vista on all desktops and my Laptop has no serial port. So I decided to use old good HyperTerminal. I thought HyperTerminal is still under the Programs > Accessories > Communications menu. I failed to locate hypertrm.exe. From Microsoft support website:

HyperTerminal is no longer part of Windows. There are several options you can use to replace its functionality. If you previously used HyperTerminal to control serial devices, you can usually find a downloadable version of HyperTerminal on the Internet that is free for personal use.

So what was the purpose of removing Hyper terminal from vista ? How do you use the equivalent of Hyperterminal in XP, with Windows Vista to configure Cisco routers?

Get Putty to replace vista hyperterminal

Download and use open source putty terminal software. You can grab putty here.

Start Putty

Double click on putty > Select Serial > Type COM1 and speed rate such as 19200:
Putty as replacement for HyperTerinal under Windows Vista
(Fig. 01: Putty as replacement for HyperTerinal under Windows Vista)

Configure putty

You also need to setup other serial connection parameters by visiting category > serial menu on left side:
Configure putty for serial communication
(Fig. 02: Configure putty serial communication options)
Finally, just hit open button:
Putty under Windows Vista Connected to my Router / VPN
(Fig. 03: Windows Vista putty serial communication in action)

There you have it.

Other options for vista hyperterminal software

  • TeraTerm Pro open source terminal
  • HyperTerminal Private Edition version 6.3
  • If you have an old Windows XP installation, find and copy the file named “hypertrm.dll” and “hypertrm.exe” to Windows Vista in the same location. Run hypertrm.exe from run > cmd.


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for this article. Just the other I found myself wanting to use my MS Vista-running laptop to configure a cisco router and was left befuddled as to where Hyperterminal was.

  2. Thanks solve my problem regarding hyperterminal after i read thru part copying hypertrm.exe & dll.
    Now i have no regard using Wins Vista Basic.

  3. As with other comments, thanks for the very useful article. Next problem, though, is how to get a Smartlink modem to work properly under Vista .

  4. i m using windows vista basic but there are no option for hyper to use me windows vista tell me?

  5. Very late to this topic but thought I would add that Putty is available as a PortableApp. This made my life much easier.

  6. really i am thanking who guide or help or recommend this software
    it is so helpful for me

  7. Hello, in the graphic the baud rate is set to 192000. This is incorrect. There is an extra “0”. Some people who are familiar with this can figure out, but newbies might not. Could you replace that at your convenience. Let me know if I’m wrong.

  8. Hey, i often got bluescreen on Vista SP1 with putty serial connected to cisco 851.
    what can i do to resolve the issues ??

  9. What about the version of HyperTerminal that is on NT. Shoud it run ok on Vista?
    I’ve seen a post saying that one of the versions [don’t recall which] will work on NT through 7.

  10. Why did these A**holes remove HyperTerminal from their OS? Why did they feel the need to touch it and remove features, actually USEFUL features. Hey development team at microsoft, did you a**holes ever consider that the whole point of using Hyperterminal is to get on the Net? If youre not on the net yet and need to connect to a serial device to GET on the net, how are you supposed to download third party software. A**holes!

  11. I had to use the original setting of 9600 to get my cisco connection to work.
    I just used all the defaults on putty.
    hope this helps anyone.

  12. HyperTerminal on Vista.

    The HyperTerm on NT does indeed transfer to Vista. I remember I had to look for the icon file. It was in Jan 2011 that I did this, so I am looking at what is on my Vista now.
    Here’s what I copied to my Vista machine:
    – Folder: Help Hyper
    …. This folder contains 3 files: hypertrm.cnt hypertrm.FTS, and hypertrm.GID
    – Dialer.exe
    – HyperTerminal
    – hypertrm.hlp
    – A note to put (a copy of) the HYPERTRM.DLL into WindowsSystem32.

    The HTICONS file stayed where I put the .exe

    I believe “HyperTerminal” is just settings for a connection and a new one is formed for every connection you set up.

    I don’t think I put it there, but I now see “hypertrm.FTS in:C: Users’MyUserName’AppDataLocalHelp
    Replace ‘MyUserName’ with yours.
    Then I pinned the .exe to the Start menu.

    This also has some info for XP>Vista:


  13. Thanks, I was surprised VISTA had no HyperTerminal, too. I thought PuTTY could do serial, but I needed your pointers to make it work.

  14. HyperSerialPort has serial terminal emulator that was written under the .NET framework. Works perfect in Windows 7 and 8.

  15. I know this is an old post but just to clear up.
    Microsoft never wrote Hyperterminal, it was licensed from another company. Basically the license agreement ended so they couldn’t include it anymore.

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