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  1. Can we restrict multiple users using su command at a time ? Like user1 already using su – and working on some commands. Can we disallow using user2 at the same time ? Please let me know how can we configure this ?

  2. Hi. Can you tell me how or in what interface should i type:

    $ su root

    I don’t quite understand where to type that. Thanks.

  3. Great tip, now i have blocked the root ssh login and also allowed particular user to use su. 🙂

    Thanks a lot for this tip.


  4. You will be able to issue “su -” and get a login shell if you only edit /etc/pam.d/su, you need to edit /etc/pam.d/su-l as well.

  5. How can I set up a regular user with both regular/and elevated privileges, then when user logs on to the system, he/she only has regular privileges, but when he/she su to his/her own account (NOT root, but account with elevated privileges), this person can do everything root can do? is this technically feasible?

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