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  1. Thank you for posting this information. Without it our mail server would have been down for much longer than it was.

  2. Thank you for this.

    Took me a little bit to figure out the error then popped right up to your site via google.

    Squirrelmail was just hanging, with no input then looked in the maillog to find this.

  3. What really bugs/bothers is this:

    [root man1]# service dovecot restart
    Stopping Dovecot Imap: [ OK ]
    Starting Dovecot Imap: [ OK ]

    yet in /var/log/mail is....

    Dec 5 11:34:54 genesis dovecot: pop3-login: pop3-login: error while loading shared libraries: libsepol.so.1: failed to map segment from shared object: Cannot allocate memory
    Dec 5 11:34:54 genesis dovecot: child 9852 (login) returned error 127

    .. basically that dovecot can start "OK" yet its not really "ok"

    Thank you for the tip - this really helped ix things quickly!!

  4. more kudos here ;-)

    seconded gregg, ‘starting:ok’ followed by a down process is lame. sadly i’m still getting:

    Mar 11 17:20:54 rb8 dovecot: Auth process died too early – shutting down
    Mar 11 17:20:54 rb8 dovecot: child 5366 (auth) killed with signal 11
    Mar 11 17:20:54 rb8 dovecot: Temporary failure in creating login processes, slowing down for now

    after upgrading to 5.1…. i had hopes the upgrade would fix that not add a new error

  5. Thanks. Anyone know why this was needed though? What specifically was the change that required more memory for dovecot?

  6. —————————–
    getting error is :
    [[email protected] linux-i386]# ./commsconfig
    ./commsconfig: error while loading shared libraries: libesmapi.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    some my infomation of os
    [[email protected] ~]# uname -a
    Linux localhost.localdomain 2.6.18-8.el5 #1 SMP Fri Jan 26 14:15:21 EST 2007 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

    [[email protected] ~]# rpm -qa |grep libstdc

    I did your steps but broble still there
    my comment, this problem I can’t see in fedora 8.
    please help me
    best regards
    email [email protected]


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