Upgrad: RHEL 5, PHP 5, MySQL 5

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Finally we have all updated software including OS 🙂
=> RHEL 5
=> PHP 5
=> MySQL 5
=> Lighttpd 1.4.15 with AIO

Upgrade went quite smoothly, although few php scripts failed due to changes in PHP version, those are fixed now. Let me know any one need any further assistance or have any problem browsing our site or see Internal server 500 error!

While debugging problem, I’ve noticed that few people running wget or other web page grabber software. Please don’t use these tools. I don’t have time and resources to handle such load.

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. Simply run yum update to install all updates. To download upgrades use –downloadonly option. This is provided by plugin called yum-downloadonly, which adds a –downloadonly flag to yum so that yum will only download the packages and not install/update them. See this faq for more info.

  2. I want to update Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 5.
    Can you please tell me the procedure because I don’t have any idea.The only thing I know is that I have to download them but I can’t find them on the net.Please help.

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