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The Debian Linux project released Debian Installer etch beta 3. This supports option to install using a graphical user interface on both i386 and amd64 systems.

One of its real advantages is that it allows installation in nine new languages that cannot be displayed in the regular installer.

I have also noticed that GUI installer is bit faster than the regular text based installer.

Default screen shot

Debian Etch GUI installer

Disk-partition screen shot

Debian Etch GUI installer  - Disk-partition screen shot

Download debian beta installer here

When you boot from ISO image/cd you need to pass command line argument installgui
boot: installgui

However, this installer is not as polished as RHEL or Suse Linux GUI installer but project promises to polish it later on 😀 –

“We are aware that the graphical installer still needs polishing. Part of this is planned immediately after this release: an update to newer libraries will allow better theming.”

More info about ebian Installer etch beta 3 at offical debian new webpage…

Belated Happy birthday, Debian! It is now thirteen years old 🙂

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