Giving Up Passwords for Chocolates Offered By Good Looking Women

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People are too trusting, especially when there’s chocolate on the line. A survey out today by the organizers of the tech-security conference Infosecurity Europe found that 21% of 576 London office workers stopped on the street were willing to share their computer passwords with a good looking woman holding a clipboard. People were offered a chocolate bar in exchange for the information. More than half of the people surveyed said they used the same password for everything.

Women far more likely to give away their passwords to total strangers than their male counterparts, with 45% of women versus 10% of men prepared to give away their password, to strangers masquerading as market researches with the lure of a chocolate bar as an incentive for filling in the survey. The survey was actually part of a social engineering exercise to raise awareness about information security. The survey was conducted outside Liverpool Street Station in the City of London.

Sure, I will give up a fake password for a chocolate 😉


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  1. Wow, that’s very surprising. Luckily I couldn’t remember any of our server passwords if I wanted to – They’re all very long hashes.

  2. Apparently, 90% of the men surveyed where too dumb to think of a fake password for chocolate while the woman where only at 55%. I think this survey shows that woman are more willing to lie for chocolate than men. Very interesting.

  3. For the reason suggested but not actually stated in the replies above, this whole survey was flawed…now if they’d actually been required to log on in front of the “good-looking woman”, maybe I’d believe the survey result. Ted may well have a point, though…

  4. lol i can do any thing for chocolate bar but not to give the passwords for chocolate bar i think it cost more then chocolate bar maybe BIG chocolate box lamo 🙂

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