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Slackware 13.0 Download

Slackware version 13.0 has been released and available for download from the official project website. This release brings with it many major changes since Slackware 12.2, including a completely reworked collection of X packages (a configuration file for X is no longer needed in most cases), major upgrades to the desktop environments (KDE version 4.2.4 and Xfce version 4.6.1), a new .txz package format with much better compression, and other upgrades all around — to the development system, network services, libraries, and major applications like Firefox and Thunderbird. Also, this is the first release of Slackware with native support for the 64-bit x86_64 architecture!

From the announcement page:

Slackware uses the kernel bringing you advanced performance features such as journaling filesystems, SCSI and ATA RAID volume support, SATA support, Software RAID, LVM (the Logical Volume Manager), and encrypted filesystems. Kernel support for X DRI (the Direct Rendering Interface) brings high-speed hardware accelerated 3D graphics to Linux.

Fig.01: Slackware 13.0 Desktop (credit wikipedia)
Fig.01: Slackware 13.0 Desktop (credit wikipedia)

Slackware v13.0 Download

Grab it from the following links via BitTorrent. Use the .asc files here to verify your ISO images are authentic.

Source code mirros

  1. Mirror # 1
  2. Offical FTP site
  3. List of mirror websites

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  1. if you use Centos or Ubuntu, you’ll learn Centos and Ubuntu. If you use Slackware, you’ll learn Linux. Heh.. Slackware is for people who have a better understanding of Unix like operating systems.

    1. Biggest advantages….
      1. Will install on anything, anywhere, anytime.
      2. No problems with number 1.
      I have tried redhat, ubuntu, fedora, and several others, they all try and force
      choices that make the system unusable, or destroy data partitions.
      Slackware will let you do what you want regardless of how dumb it sounds to the system disks. Only distro i’ve found for simple headless installs, and no GUI that won’t let you select what you want to do.
      BSD file system layout.
      In laymans terms, it doesn’t do stupid things first and maybe let you know about it later.

  2. @slasker,

    It appers that Slackware stopped giving out ISO images due to bandwidth issue. They are not offering ISO images via BitTorrent only. I’ve updated this article to point out to the correct location of torrent files.


  3. While the “main” Slackware download site no longer offers ISO images, some mirror sites still do. I am in the process of downloading from Generally, the higher the max bandwidth listed for a site, the more likely it will carry everything.

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