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How to find what packages (software’s) installed?
1)Run the command pkginfo to find the information:
# pkginfo | more

2) Note that packages provided by SUN always have prefix SUNWpkgname

3 To find more about SSH Software’s:
# pkginfo | grep “SSH”

4) To print all available information about package (long format aka package description):
# pkginfo -l SUNWsshcu

Verify the package contents
1)You can use the command pkgchk as follows:
# pkgchk -l SUNWzip | more

How to verify that package installed successfully?
# pkgchk -v SUNWzip | more


# pkgchk

If you run above command and something is missing then you will get on screen error:
# pkgchk -v SUNWzip | more
ERROR: /usr/bin/zip
pathname does not exist

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