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Solaris comes with following two GUI tools:
1) admintool
2) prodreg
3) As pointed out by Yamaraj Solaris 10 (older version too) includes the SMC ~ Solaris Management Console. It can be run remotely over ssh forwarded port.

* How to use or start them?
1) You can start them from shell prompt as follows:
# admintool &
# prodreg &

Just follow on screen instructions, its really easy to use above GUI tools.

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. Been copyin’-n-pastin’ too much lately, huh?
    admintool is nowhere to be found in Solaris 10
    release. Solaris Management Console (smc)
    has actively replaced admintool in Solaris 10.

    Correct it!

  2. Yah thanks but when i wrote this first time when i was conducting classes on Solaris 8 (2002/03). You are right thanks for suggestion.

  3. Where in smc can I manage packages like I did in Admintool?
    I can’t seem to find the correct toolbox to add/remove through a browse menu like I used to use in Solaris 8.
    What am I missing?

  4. Although i have a big respect for Solaris, it has shitty package manager and it always had. I’m not talking about his default pkg utilities, i’m talking about GUI tools. You have ‘prodreg’ utility which is slow and non-intuitive, ‘admintool’ which they threw out from ver.10 and that’s it! The best package manager i ran into is ‘pkgutil’ although Solaris desperately lacks a good GUI frontend to it!

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