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Following are generic steps

1) UNZIP or untar the driver

# gunzip -cd driver-x.y.z.tar.gz | tar xf –

2) Install the driver by running special install script, for e.g.

# sh install


# chmod +x install; ./install

3) Or you can also try out as follows to install driver:

# /usr/ccs/bin/make install

4) Or if driver in package format then install it using pkgadd command:

# buzip2 driver.bz2
# pkgadd -d driver

5) Open /etc/hostname.driver0 i.e. if your lan card driver name it tu or rtls then you can set up the ip address as follows:

# vi /etc/hostname.tu0


# vi /etc/hostname.rtls0

6) Then restart Solaris computer/server by typing following command:

# init 6

Complete example to install tu lan card driver (DAVICOM DM9102A or ADMtek AN983B chipset )
1) Download the file from authors web site.

2) Untar driver files using following commands:

# gunzip -cd tu-0.9.10.tar.gz | tar xf –
# cd tu-0.9.10

3) Install the driver as follows:

# /usr/ccs/bin/make install

4) Assign IP address to LAN card:

# cat > /etc/hostname.tu0

Save file (by pressing CTRL+D).

5) Assign Hostname, if its not assign, open file /etc/hosts using text editor:

# vi /etc/hosts

Add/modify following text:

# Internet host table
# localhost loghost sol9 sol9 loghost

Save file (by pressing ESC + : + x!) exit to shell prompt.

6) Setup network ID and netmask as follows:

# vi /etc/netmask

Add the following line (your network ID):

7) In above example, is network ID and is netmask.
Now reboot your Solaris system as by typing following command:

# init 6

8) When system comes up type commands to verify NIC driver is working properly:

# dmesg|more
# ifconfig -a

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  1. One final point – if you cannot make your PC see the DNS servers. After you’ve configured all the necessary files, type this:

    route add default (your DNS ip)

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