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Human Body and Server : It describe how care for a human body is similar to a server

Check out all System Monitoring apps for your desktop

Computer Assisted Simulation of DNA using Linux and Perl

Personal finance manager : This personal finance manager focuses on the real account – bank account, account savings – while other software focuses on accounting accounts. So while in a typical finance manager you create accounts related with some aspects you want to control – expenses, gas expenses, food expenses, income, payment, and even real accounts like bank accounts – and make transaction with this accounts, in GFP these accounts are considered as categories, under the user perspective, and the user can create real accounts and make transaction with them, providing a type for each transaction. GFP user can get reports showing where, when, why and how expenses are made.

Creating a Shared Spam Folder : This article will explain how to create a shared, central area for users to contribute spam that they’ve received in their email.

Between we have added the Feed2Podcast engine that instantly turns our RSS/XML feed into a Podcast.

function pop_window($id) {
window.open(‘http://www.feed2podcast.com/player/podcast_player.php?url=http://www.feed2podcast.com/podcast/’+$id+’.xml’, ‘popup’, ‘width=320, height=300, top=50, left=650, menubar=0, scrollbars=0, location=0, toolbar=0, resizable=0, status=0’); }


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