Download of the day: Super Grub Disk to fix Windows and Linux boot problems

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Super Grub Disk is a bootable floppy or cdrom oriented towards system rescue, and more specifically to boot and restore of boot. This is a good tool for new Linux users. This software works with following platforms (features):


=> Restore Grub to MBR automatically
=> Restore LILO to the MBR
=> Boot Linux
=> Boot Linux directly
=> Activate Linux partition

Windows XP/9x/2000
=> Fix Windows Boot problems
=> Boot Windows
=> Boot Windows from a second hard disk
=> Boot Windows from a second partition

Super Grub Disk to fix Windows and Linux boot problems

It can also use to activate partitions or just to hide partitions. You will find this software quite useful in following situations:

  • Fix MBR – GNU/Linux is installed in your pc, you reinstall Windows, and GNU/Linux no longer boots as Grub menu no longer appears on boot. You can restore Grub on your MBR automatically. You have Windows 9x installed in a second hard disk and it does not want to boot. If you swap it from Super Grub Disk, you will be able to boot it.
  • Fix corrupted MBR – You cannot boot Windows because your MBR is corrupt or Grub installation is not well done or whatever. With Super Grub Disk, you will be able to boot the partition where Windows reside.
  • Other errors – No Active Partition Found message appears. With Super Grub Disk, you will be able to activate partitions.

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Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. Google Super Grub Disk and you should find the same link listed here, go to google cache to open the page, then find a working mirror… only way i found it.

  2. how do i triboot pclinux, xp and ubuntu i already got ubuntu and xp i installed pc linux but i need to fix the grub loader so how do i fix this?

  3. This program saved my computer and my Master Boot Record. I had installed PCLinuxOS, but decided not to keep it so I deleted the partition from windows. Because of this, I was not able to boot windows since Grub bootloader was still “installed.” The only thing I had was the LiveCD for PCLinuxOS, so I could not burn this with an iso – I was already using my only dvd drive.

    LUCKILY, you go to Super Grub Disk’s website and they give you very detailed instructions on how to create a bootable Super Grub Disk usb drive!!!!!!!! Unbelievable! I absolutely love it.

    The way I solved my problem was going into Super Grub Disk, selecting Advanced>Grub>Uninstall Grub>Select Partition (Windows)>Syslinux as the bootloader.

    After this, I used EasyBCD to recreate the Vista MBR just to make sure everything was back to normal.

    Thank you Super Grub Disk!!!

  4. If I could hug the creators of Super Grub Disk, I would. I have Fedora and WinXP installed on separate hard drives; had to reinstall XP due to virus. After that, of course, no more GRUB. No fear, though! I simply started up the Super Grub Disk, and chose the automatic option (with the 😉 for noobs) and presto! No more problems. Thanks so much, SGD!

  5. This is truely a awesome Software and GNU?? Come one @active get a live i dont need you any more 😛 i have SGD 🙂 I just removed a ubuntu install, deleted two seperate partitions and still was able to fix my dads mbr on his laptop (he bought it with linux and can’t use linux, let alone windows…)
    P.S Working links is

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