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Open Source Business Model Is Broken

From the article:

The open-source business model that relies solely on support and service revenue streams is failing to meet the expectations of investors. For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention to the software industry lately, I have some bad news. The open-source business model is broken.

Companies have long hoped to make money from this freely available software by charging customers for support and add-on features. Some have succeeded. Many others have failed or will falter, and their ranks may swell as the economy worsens. This will require many to adopt a new mindset, viewing open source more as a means than an end in itself.

I do not agree 100% with the article. You can make tons of money by selling solution. For example, I can sell Linux Webserver cluster setup solution to meet my clients need or setup OpenBSD based CRAP solution to save tons of money on Cisco gear. Once solution is sold, someone need to monitor and fix the problem. Another option is bug fix or add addition features to original software. If you can add a value to customer, they will purchase your solution. What do you think?

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