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How To Install Microsoft Internet Explorer on Linux in Two Easy Steps

How to install Microsoft Internet Explorer on Linux

I am not a big fan of Internet Explorer but sometime you need Internet Explorer on Linux for:

=> Testing purpose (web developers)

=> To see IE only sites (many sites still only works with IE for example my bank site and few essential government site)

You need to use Wine to run IE. But there is a small collection of shell script exists which makes your life quite easy. It is called Ies4linux.

IEs4Linux is the simpler way to have Microsoft Internet Explorer running on Linux (or any OS running Wine).

No clicks needed. No boring setup processes. No Wine complications. Just one easy script and you’ll get three IE versions to test your Sites. And it’s free and open source.

Install Internet Explorer under Linux

Open terminal and type the following commands:
$ wget http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/downloads/ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
$ tar -zxvf ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
$ cd ies4linux-*
$ ./ies4linux

Just follow on screen installations. Once installed type the following command to start IE6:
$ ~/bin/ie6

[ Fig.01: Internet Explorer in action under Linux ]

Fig.01: Internet Explorer in action under Linux

Download IEs4Linux

Visit project home page to grab latest version.