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Humor: apt-get wife

apt get install wife – either you get it, or you don’t ;) [ Source search for comic strip based on Linux for more fun ]

Humor: Writing Web Service and Pages using Bourne Shell

Why should shell languages be the only ones left out of the ${YOUR_LANGUAGE_HERE} Server Pages fad? This document chronicles foray into the not-so-fascinating world of ${YOUR_LANGUAGE_HERE} Server Pages technology. All of the code developed is available for free download, so you can use Bourne Shell Server Pages to build your very own killer Web application.

=> Bourne Shell Server Pages [hyperrealm.com]

Humor: What does your favorite text editor say about you?

This is nice and funny post – you tell the author what is the default editor on your system, and author will tell you what kind of person you are!

Humor: I will use google before asking dumb Linux question

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words :)


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