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Interview Questions: Why Should I Hire You?

I’ve written about one of such trick questions – How important is money to you? Now IT managers share their favorite interview questions and the thinking behind them at computerworld.

‘Why Should I Hire You?’ and Other Favorite Interview Questions (via digg)

On a related note you may find Conducting the UNIX Job Interview: IT Manager Guide with UNIX Interview Questions (IT Job Interview series) book quite useful. This book is not just useful for IT managers but you will get a list of interview questions along with sample answer. A good book for job hunters, IMHO.

How important is money to you?

This is one of those trick questions you may face while attending a job interview. To be frank there is no good answer exists.

You should provide honest answer to such question. If I were you I will say something as follows:
Money is a good motivation for many people. I do enjoy my job but I’ve family and I need to support them.

Non-technical questions help to get more information about candidate. Following are more common question:
What you will do if you don’t get this job?
Why did you leave your last job?
Why do you want to work here? etc

If you are attending a job interview first time use search engine to find such questions or get books from your local book store.

I’d love to know – what part of a job interview question(s) challenges you the most?