scapy – Interactive Packet Manipulation / Generation Tool for Linux / UNIX

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Recently I started to play with scapy – a powerful interactive packet manipulation and custom packet generation program written using Python. Please note that this tool is not for a new Linux / UNIX users. This tool requires extensive knowledge of network protocols, packets, layers and other hardcore networking concepts. This tool is extermly useful for
a] Understanding network headers
b] Testing network security
c] Write your own utilities using scapy
d] Decoding protocols etc

From the man page:

You can use this tool to check the security of your own network as it allows to forge or decode packets of a wide number of protocols, send them on the wire, capture them, match requests and replies, and much more. It can easily handle most classical tasks like scanning, tracerouting, probing, unit tests, attacks or network discovery. It also performs very well at a lot of other specific tasks that most other tools can’t handle, like sending invalid frames, injecting your own 802.11 frames, combining technics such as VLAN hopping+ARP cache poisoning, VOIP decoding on WEP encrypted channel, etc.

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Download of the day: AutoScan Network Monitoring – Management Tool

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AutoScan is an application designed to explore, monitor and manage network.It is simple and easy to use app. It works on Windows, Nokia tablet and Linux computer. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. From the project home page:

AutoScan is an application designed to explore and to manage your network. Entire subnets can be scanned simultaneously without human intervention. The objective of the program is to post the list of all equipment connected to the network. A list of ports preset is scanned for each equipment.
1. Fast multithreaded scanning
2. Automatic network discovery
3. Extreme Low Bandwidth
4. Entire subnets can be scanned simultaneously without human intervention
5. Addition time-reality of the new machines put on the network
6. Monitoring of equipment (router, server, firewall, …)
7. Monitoring of network services (smtp, http, pop, …)
8. Detection of the OS, brand and model known (Possibility to add an unknown equipment in the database)

Quick AutoScan Installation

$ wget
$ tar -zxvf AutoScan-Network-Linux-1.12.bin.tar.gz
$ sudo ./AutoScan-Network-1.12.bin

AutoScan Linux / Windows Network Monitoring - Management Tool
(Fig. 01: AutoScan in Action)

Download AutoScan Network Monitoring – Management Tool

=> Visit offical project home page to grab binary / source for Windows or Linux computer.