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5 Reasons Your Mom and Dad Should Use Linux

Adam has published a simple and awesome list:

It’s no secret that tech-savvy computer users typically become the go-to guy for all technical help in their circles. More specifically, Mom and Dad tend to always ask us for help with their computers. If you’re tired of the phone calls from Mom and Dad complaining on how sloooww their computer has become, how fast it used to be, how many pop-ups there are, etc., spending hours upon hours fixing and repairing, re-installing and scanning, then this post should convince you with 5 reasons why your parents should use Linux.

=> 5 Reasons your parents should use Linux (foogazi.com)

Why most people will never use Linux

Author argues that most home user treat home pc as a consumer item like a TV or DVD player.

From the article:
Because the cost of PCs remains pretty much constant ten years ago, you’d expect to pay around £1,500 for a high-end PC, the same as you would today .. normal people don’t see this as a problem at all. When their old 500MHz Celeron box running Windows 98 shuffles off this mortal coil, they pop down to PCs ‘R’ Us and buy a shiny new box, complete with a shiny new OS and applications and chuck the old machine in the dumpster.

The shiny new machine will not come with Linux and OpenOrifice. It will come with Vista and Office 2003 pre-installed.

Just look at popular vendor such as Dell. They only offers Windows (no Linux option for home PC). Talk to local vendor and they will send a new PC with Windows preloaded. In India (and most other parts of Asia) most home user buys pc w/o Windows OS and any other apps. They simply install pirated version.

Linux is not an option for many home users because they are not aware of other options at all.