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useradd command

Linux: How To Create Multiple Users Accounts in Batch

The useradd command is used to create a new user or update default new user information from the command line. However, sometimes you need to create a large number of users or import usernames from a text file. You can use newusers command, which update and create new users in batch.
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Linux Create An FTP User Account

Now your FTP server is up and running. It is time to add additional users to FTP server so that they can login into account to upload / download files. To add a user called tom and set the password, enter:
# adduser -c 'FTP USER Tom' -m tom
# passwd tom

Now tom can login using our ftp server. Make sure the following is set in vsftpd.conf


Restart the vftpd:
# service vsftpd restart

However, I recommend setting virtual FTP user account to increase server security.