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From FreeBSD mailing list (go here for Survey) :
While the FreeBSD Security Team has traditionally been very good at investigating and responding to security issues in FreeBSD, this only solves half of the security problem: Unless users and administrators of FreeBSD systems apply the security patches provided, the advisories issued accomplish little beyond alerting potential attackers to the presence of vulnerabilities.


The Security Team has been concerned for some time by anecdotal reports concerning the number of FreeBSD systems which are not being promptly updated or are running FreeBSD releases which have passed their End of Life dates and are no longer supported. In order to better understand which FreeBSD versions are in use, how people are (or aren’t) keeping them updated, and why it seems so many systems are not being updated, I have put together a short survey of 12 questions. The information gathered will inform the work done by the Security Team, as well as my own personal work on FreeBSD this summer.

If you administrate system(s) running FreeBSD (in the broad sense of “are responsible for keeping system(s) secure and up to date”), please complete the survey below before May 31st, 2006 😀


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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