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Here are some of the nice things our site visitor say about nixCraft. (received via e-mail / old guest-book):

  • I find the information to be accurate, interesting and useful (which is rare!!). Keep it up. — Matt
  • A most practical and worthy document. Thanks! — Hanny
  • Brilliant, simply just brilliant site, saved tons of my time! — Ben
  • Thank you for all your hard work. I’m a big fan of nixCraft weblog. — Shankar Dey
  • Amazing information provided on your own time to help to all of us and learn GNU/Linux. — Michael Lawrence
  • You are the best. I really appreciate all your work. I do try to understand all the advice you provide on your weblog and I’m simply amazed. — Dave Yang
  • I just went thru the website. It is really useful for the beginners — Vidhya Lakshmi
  • Excellent site!! Your explanations are great. Clear and concise and very helpful! Thanks! — E. Hill
  • Thank you for all your help. Your site is an invaluable resource for learning, honestly. –Anonymous user
  • I come in touch with your site with my friend. I like your work. Keep it up good work. –Shailesh Joshi
  • Thank you for such a great blog! As a Linux Systems Administrator, I found your blog early this year and have read just about every post. Thank you for such high quality content on a very technical subject. — Jeff Schroeder
  • Thank you from Brazil for your tutorial! I’m on the 2nd chapter already! Very easy and straight-forward, nice job, thanks again! — Charles A. Landemaine.
  • Just wanted to say thank you for nixcraft – an amazing site even to my jaded eyes. Special praise for your posts on Zmanda and LVM snapshots. Clean, concise writing and the first things I’ve read in months that made me remember how cool *nix of all flavours can be. I’m off now to read a little more, but I wish you all the very best. — Mike Hurt
  • You have some pretty good flowing content… good number of hits as well! –Joshua Stilwell
  • Hey, I stumbled on this site when looking for something, and have now been reading docs on it for a few hours. Good Work! –Nick
  • I am working with CDAC its a nice site and inspiring me towards open source movement. –Sandeep Bangur
  • I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful site and information you offer. –Chris
  • Thank you very much for your lucid piece on repairing ReiserFS filesystems. With the help of this article I went from “sdb1 is not a valid block
    device” to getting back pretty much everything — 163 GB of data on a 200 GB Maxtor USB drive used for backup. — David Looney.
  • Valuable resource, simple and friendly. –Anand
  • I must confess that I love your blog! Though I tend to be OS neutral, I was kicked about your passion for Linux. It’s always great to come across people with so much enthusiasm! — Sanjana
  • Excellent Write Up !! Keep it up good work! — Jacob
  • The content that you have on the site is rich and extremely useful. I learn most of my Linux, shell tricks from you (web-site, actually) — Manish
  • Hats off! Extremely good work!! Five thumbs up!!! — LPN
  • This is what I call Short Simple Sweet. For a good recipe not only right number of spices is needed but right amount also matters a lot. You have both of them (right number of topics correct amount of elaboration). The flow from simple to complex is being maintained very nicely. — Rajneesh Dangwal
  • I felt I finally had to write an email to you to tell you how much I appreciate your site. Please don’t ever let your site go by the wayside. I have been a linux admin for 15 years and I still find great articles on your site. Like today I used it to get the formating and remember how to setup Times for my commands on my linux server. It was great that I could come to your site and get the information. Again thanks for everything you do and know that you are very much appreciated. — Josh S
  • You kick ass! The articles are wonderful! I would be lost with out you! Because of your excellent blog, I’ve been able to use Linux to start a web based company, host my own server, and still sleep at night! A year ago I was just a blue collar worker with no formal IT education. Now thanks to your efforts I have the knowledge needed to take a swing at running my own business. — Bert L

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